Download Your Templates Here!

Free templates available in a variety of languages.
(Languages include Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, and others.)

Use this template with the video on the Project Scope page to get started right away with your team.

Free PDF Templates you can access immediately:

[Project Scoping Tool Template in English (PDF)]

languagegraphic Templates in Other Languages:
On the main menu, there are tabs underneath “Templates” with a page for each of the languages we have translated. Click on the page and then “Add to Cart” to download the template in the language of your choice. Both the Scoping Template and the Accelerated Action Plan templates are available for each language.

The Scoping Templates are FREE for each language.

The Accelerated Action Plan Template is available for download on each language page. The video guidance is recorded in English and Heidi speaks slowly to assist those following from other countries.


Value-added PDF templates available:

[Solutions Template (PDF)] — Use this template to handle sticky issues and arrive at a practical solution.

team check in thumbprint[Team Check-In Template] Use this template during plan implementation to keep your team on track with the commitments agreed to during the Accelerated Action Planning Process.