A Strategic Plan for Mapping Your Future

Consulting support is available from our team of certified, professional facilitators. Take your team farther by creating an organizational map that will guide your team to realize its vision. Learn three keys to creating team alignment, having transformational breakthroughs and motivating staff towards mutual goals.

In this video Heidi describes three keys to creating team alignment, having transformational breakthroughs and motivating staff towards mutual goals.

“We had a large strategic plan that was overwhelming to implement with limited staff and resources. Heidi led us in a productive and engaging meeting where we developed plans for the key priority initiatives using the Accelerated Action Plan tool. Now, one year later, we have substantially moved our strategic plan forward and have implemented more than we thought possible.”
~David Snyder, Director, Office of Economic Development, County of Placer

Ten Reasons for Using Neutral Professional Facilitators

  1. Expertise: Facilitators bring a clear, tested process and lend credibility to the strategic plan effort.
  2. Neutrality: They are a neutral, objective third party (without bias or interested in advocating for any position). 
  3. Equality: Facilitators guide the conversation so that everyone gets heard. Through the use of skilled questions, a more elaborate and in depth discussion is made possible.
  4. Sensitivity: Facilitators assist the group to move emotions aside to discuss tough issues.  They build consensus even in emotionally charged or changing situations.
  5. Efficient: Facilitators organize the agenda to enable your team to accomplish more in less time.  They use a variety of approaches to promote high engagement and energy for solutions.
  6. High ROI: Facilitators ensure you get the most return on the organization’s investment of time and energy.  A solid plan provides for more effective teamwork.
  7. Perspective: They help participants rise above preconceived notions and automatic reactions.
  8.  Support: Facilitators support the full process from environmental scanning to assistance with follow-up and implementation.
  9. Strategic Decisions: Facilitators guide the group to decisions that are truly strategic (as opposed to laundry lists of pet ideas from participants).
  10. Permission:  Leaders can actively contribute to the outcome without the pressure of leading the meeting.

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