implementationGet the most from your meeting with the tips and strategies we reveal in this section.

Setting up the Space for Effective Team Planning

Set the space up so that everyone can see each other and the templates. You need a working surface that everyone can see.

  • Here are some options:
  • Seated around an easel with the templates attached.
  • Seated in a half circle around a round table with the templates on the table so everyone can view.
  • Seated at tables in a diamond shape toward a sticky wall.
  • Around a coffee table or a kitchen island where everyone can view the template.

Who to invite to the Accelerated Action Plan Session

  • Those that are committed to having a good result from this project.
  • People who play a critical role in creating the results you need.
  • Anyone that will be involved in the implementation. 
  • Someone to facilitate and guide your team’s discussion.
  • Someone with good handwriting to chart your team’s discussion.
  • The sponsor or beneficiary of the project.
  • Key stakeholders.

What to expect at the Accelerated Action Plan session

Just think of us as your own personal facilitators without having to pay the big bucks. 

We will guide you and your team through the Accelerated Action Plan process via the video.  We will explain the process section by section.  For each section, we will describe the process and questions that your team will answer.  Then we will ask you to pause the video while your team completes that section of the plan.  You will hit play when you are ready to hear the instructions for the next section of the plan.   

The Accelerated Action Plan has eight sections but don’t panic – some of the steps take less than 5 minutes to do. 

  • Project Scope
  • Vision
  • Current Reality
  • Commitment
  • Key Actions
  • Calendar
  • Coordination
  • Affirm, Confirm & Celebrate

Here is a brief summary of what to expect.  In the first part of the process you and your team will work together.  I will guide you through a series of questions to help you get clear on what you are committed to doing as a team.  Then, team members will work for a brief time individually to brainstorm tasks and then as a whole group to develop calendar and project plan.   You will also work together to determine how the project will be coordinated, financed, communicated and marketed.

Preparing for the Accelerated Action Plan Session

  • Download the Templates
  • Your team will be able to follow the process better if you download and enlarge the Accelerated Action Plan templates to poster size.  You may purchase and download templates here:
  • Gather the Supplies
  • Your will need tape, an easel and a few pieces of chart paper.
  • A chart and chart stand is helpful but not totally required.
  • If your team is small (3-6 people), gather 3”x 3” post it note pads and one sharpie for each person in your group. 
  • If your team is larger (7-12 people), gather four 8”x 6”post it note pads.  You will need about 6 dark color markers.
  • For larger teams, a sticky wall (which you can purchase on this web site) is a helpful tool.  A sticky wall is posted on a flat wall surface and allows your team to move data around easily.  It has the advantage of your team being able to use plain paper.
  • We recommend that you supply refreshments for your team (nuts, trail mix or fruit) and water/drinks. 
  • Set up the Space
  • See the space options above.
  • Set up the space so that you can all see the information and still be comfortable.  You need to work with what you have – this could be chairs in a half circle facing a blank wall or chart, a dining or conference room table, coffee table or kitchen island.

Timing – How much time does an Accelerated Action Plan take?

Overall, teams invest two hours to complete a full Accelerated Action Plan.  After your plan is completed you will only need 20-30 minutes periodically to check on progress.

If this is your first experience doing an Accelerated Action Plan, allocate 3 hours to get the hang of it and take some breaks between segments to reflect on your progress.  After your team has experienced the process, you will be able to complete your plan in 2 hours.

Is it valuable to watch the AAP video without downloading the templates?

You and your team will be able to view and participate in the process even if you choose to not download the templates.  The templates make the process easier because the main discussion questions are on the downloadable version.

Other Services

If it is impossible to get your planning team together, you may want to contact us to facilitate a virtual meeting over the internet for you.